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Mission Statement:

At The Emerald Village, our mission is to empower and inspire youth ages 6-18 through a transformative mentoring program. We are dedicated to providing a safe and supportive environment where they can develop confidence, resilience, and leadership skills necessary to thrive in today's world.

Meet the Team

Tyese Woodson, Psy. M.


Board Member

Ahisha Kalima

Ahisha provides entrepreneurial know-how, networking experience, and compassion all rolled into one. Ahisha supports The Emerald Village with the diligence necessary to see the mission and vision through.

Board Member

Stacey Lee

Stacey brings over 15 years of experience as a mental health counselor. Stacey has positively impacted youth and adults, helping them realize the are not their trauma! Stacey demonstrates expertise in decreasing depression, anxiety, self-doubt, and more to her clients.

Board Member

Chanda Phifer

Chanda is a creative director that curates group activities and events with style. Chanda has provided young women with a sense of self-esteem, courage, confidence, and more through mentorship. Chanda brings over 30 years of experience working with children and young adults of all ages.

Team Members

Do you have an expertise that our kids and adults could benefit from?

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Jessica and Brandi Reaves

These dynamic ladies bring a wealth of unique knowledge with experience in early childhood care, hospital patient aid to labor and delivery, and full time nanny services with an extended focus on children of any age with ADHD, anxiety, and autism.

We are also proud to have them on the team hosting creative arts and culinary workshops which have proved to be therapeutic to our kids.

Why We're Different



We raise awareness and improve prevention strategies through youth mental health awareness.

Youth Empowerment

We fight for our youth to walk within their own power by helping them realize their potential.

safety and peace

We establish partnerships and leadership in safe environments where youth can exercise their given talents and abilities.

who we are

We are a nonprofit organization that not only offers one-on-one mentoring to youth ages 6-18, but extends mentoring through partnerships with businesses willing to offer classes, workshops, internships, and tutoring to our young people so they are able to operate within their full potential.

Ages 6-11 Prince/Princess Group

Ages 12-18 Young King/Queen Group

(activities are not combined within age groups and are age appropriate)

Learning tracks:

digital creation, coding, aviation, physical fitness, dance, creative writing, arts & crafts, entrepreneurship and leadership classes, and more!!

Parents are also supported with advocacy programs that aid in areas such as mental health counseling and case management style services.

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2035 W. North Avenue

Baltimore, MD 21217

When action follows vision, positive change can begin to happen.

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The Emerald Village

Your child/teen will learn what is not taught in schools:

*Changing Limiting Beliefs

*Personal Development for Success

*Evaluating Strengths and challenges

*Best practices for loyalty and integrity

*Analyzing your values and beliefs for self-awareness

*Cognitive ability awareness (challenges are then addressed with a resources given to parents)

*"Determine your worth, then speak your abilities"

The importance of balancing emotions

*Learning critical thinking for better decision-making personally and socially

*Changing Negative Thoughts into Positives

*Being My Own Best Friend (Self-Love)

*Pro Social Skills

We want not only our kids, but parents/adults as well to learn the skills necessary to thrive.

We offer in-person and virtual trainings in leadership, entrepreneurship, and career and business psychology in the following areas:

-Resilience and Confidence

-Long-Term Vision and Goal Setting

-Enhanced Skills and Knowledge

-Adaptability and Innovation

-Effective Networking and Relationships

-Branding and Marketing

-Business Funding and Credit

-Thriving in any economy

Coming SoOn

View and register for upcoming events for aspiring and existing entrepreneurs .

Request info: info@weretheemeraldvillage.org

(Next event...Saturday, April 27th

Virtual Business Resource Fair)

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Some events include:

-resource fair and toy drive

-youth sip and paint

-game days

-meet and greet

-self-esteem coaching

-kidpreneur workshop

-dance and movement therapy

-gratitude and giveback days

We host monthly activities in addition to one-on-one mentorship.

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We have events for adults too!

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Also, stay tuned for our next Open House !



Previous successful event

To register for an upcoming event, contact us info@weretheemeraldvillage.org


call 443-903-5603

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6-11 Age Group

Self-Love Color

Face Paint and Photo Shoot

Museum Day

Arts and Craft Day

Ice Cream Social

“I’m a Star” Photo Shoot

Mommy, Mentor, and Me Dance

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12-18 Age Group

Podcast Learn

Entrepreneur Workshop

Rapper Session

Theatre/Acting Lessons

Sneaker Ball


Youth Open Mic

Movie Night


Upcoming Event Alert

Saturday, April 27th


·Explore a wide array of businesses covering various industries, each presenting a concise and compelling elevator pitch about their offerings.

·Discover exclusive resources and opportunities for grants and free money to fuel your startup or boost your existing business.

·Engage with experienced coaches offering insights into mindset transformation, paving the way for successful career changes, growth, and promotions.


Understand the psychological principles needed to begin and operate a successful business.

Register on this site, then request the link via email info@weretheemeraldvillage.org

We believe in the power of mentorship to unlock the full potential of young men and women. Our mentors are passionate role models who offer guidance, support, and encouragement to help mentees navigate challenges, set meaningful goals, and discover their unique strengths. By cultivating a trusting and inclusive space, we foster an atmosphere of mutual respect, empathy, and active listening.

Coach with His Arm around His Player on the Sidelines

Donating to the nonprofit youth mentoring program, The Emerald Village, is an investment in the limitless potential of our future generations. By supporting this program, you're empowering children with transformative experiences that will shape their lives positively. The Emerald Village offers a diverse range of activities that foster personal growth, teamwork, and skill development. From academic support to arts and sports, these opportunities ignite passion and curiosity in young minds while cultivating important life skills. Your contribution enables us to provide a safe haven where kids can thrive, learn, and build lasting relationships with mentors who genuinely care.

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The Emerald Village






2035 W. North Avenue

Baltimore, MD 21217